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JASP is a four-day symposium exploring Jane Austen through lectures, workshops, small-group discussions and a Regency ball. Each year we focus on one of Jane Austen’s works. Past programs have centered on “Pride and Prejudice” (2013 & 2019), “Sense and Sensibility” (2014), “Emma” (2015), “Mansfield Park” (2016), “Persuasion” (2017), and “Northanger Abbey” and Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” (2018). Our 2020 program has been rescheduled to 2021, due to the pandemic. The 2021 JASP will be presented online in a virtual format and will center on “Jane Austen’s World.” We will be reading Austen’s letters and Claire Tomalin’s biography “Jane Austen: A Life.” 



What if I registered last year?

If you registered last year and rolled your purchase over for 2021, our registrars will be in touch with you to discuss your options. We are happy to credit your rolled-over registration toward this year’s event. With your partial or full refund you have several other options: you can save it for 2022, donate it, give a gift certificate, receive a merchandise credit (consider a Jane Austen bracelet!), or receive a refund.

Does my registration include my entire household?

Registration is required for each attendee. You may share one Zoom screen if you wish, but you will need to purchase separate registrations.

What can I expect at this year's virtual JASP?

This year, JASP will focus on Jane Austen's letters ("Jane Austen's Letters," Fourth Edition, by Deirdre LeFaye) and the Claire Tomalin biography, "Jane Austen: A Life." The event is June 17-20. Our four-day symposium will include: keynote presentations by Austen scholar Janine Barchas, author Mary Robinette Kowal, and author and historian Robert Morrison; hands-on workshops on turban-making, quill-and-ink penmanship and creative writing; and guided small-group discussions to help participants to explore Jane Austen’s life and world in depth. >> Find our tentative schedule of events here. >> Find out more about our speakers here.

How much is JASP?

Early-bird registration is $95 through April 1. After April 1, registration is $115. Registration ends June 1. You may also purchase an optional Deluxe Regency Parcel to supplement your experience. Parcels are an additional $140 and may be purchased through May 1. (More on the parcels below.)

How do I register?

>> Click here to register.

Who can go to JASP?

JASP is open to anyone. Our programs have attracted scholars and non-scholars alike from all walks of life and any age; we have had participants as young as 11.

>> Learn more about past JASPs here.

What is included in registration?

Registration includes digital access to the entire symposium, including all presentations, panels, discussion groups, workshops, and social events. All registrants will receive a complimentary JASP care package with a printed JASP program, an Austen-themed mask, and a special Austen embroidery kit. (Only domestic shipping is available. We apologize to our international attendees.) Please note: While your registration allows access to workshops, full participation in some workshops requires the Deluxe Regency Parcel.

What is the Deluxe Regency Parcel?

When paired with your registration, the Deluxe Regency Parcel will supplement your conference experience with hand-made writing accoutrements, turban-wrapping supplies, and a precious teacup with delectable treats, including but not limited to a scone-making kit, tea, and a cocktail/mocktail kit. Through purchasing the Deluxe Regency Parcel, attendees will be able to participate in workshops from the comfort of their own homes with all necessary materials. It will also enable participants to add a special tactile component to several other events. Parcels are an additional $140 and may be purchased through May 1.

If I live outside of the United States, can I purchase a Deluxe Regency Parcel?

Only domestic shipping is available. We apologize to our international attendees.

How long can I access the talks and panels?

Participants will be able to access talks and panels for a limited time after JASP ends.

I live outside the Eastern time zone. What about time differences?

All events will take place live during Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4). After JASP ends, participants will be able to access all talks and panels for a limited time.

I have a different question.

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