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Emma Approved, Episodes 58-61: Keep it together, Emma

Previously on “Emma Approved” … Emma might have a love connection

Someone spilled a secret, and from the looks of it, it wasn’t Emma.

Episode 58 (Ship Shape): Emma’s juggling phone calls for the baby shower and Boxx, so busy she brushes off Jane. Emma tells us she’s positive she doesn’t have feelings for Frank, who’s back in twon, so she’s nervous about seeing him again. Jane wonders if the team needs help with their events. Jane’s great idea: Put Maddy’s jams in the Boxx swag bags, and Emma wants nothing but to shoot the idea down. Annie suspects Frank likes someone in the office because why else would he be there so often? Annie is choosing a theme for the shower, but Emma’s phone is blowing up. Emma insists she’s got this. On top of the craziness, Harriet is late to work because she had car trouble (well, it makes more sense and is more PC than encountering “gipsies”) in the canyon. But Frank happened to see Harriet stranded while on his way to Maddy’s house, which puts a suspecting bee in Emma’s bonnet about her assistant and the handsome tycoon.

Episode 59 (Car Crush): Boxx is gonna be a hit, Emma says — they took a tour and you can see for miles. She wants to send Frank and Harriet up to Boxx. Harriet says she was so lucky Frank was on his way to Maddy’s the same time Harriet was on her way to see Jane. Hmm. Anyway, Emma says she knows Harriet has her eye on someone — but neither of them should name any names (this never seems like a good idea). Let his behavior guide yours, advises Emma, who promises not to interfere. Alex comes in and offers his mechanic to fix her car and to carpool with Harriet.

Episode 60 (Out of the Bag): Emma is excited: She can’t wait until they reveal Boxx’s anonymous owner. And Frank is coming by with a gift for Harriet. Repeat: Hmm. Emma wants to build anticipation before revealing the owner’s name. Jane’s in a meeting with Emma when Frank interrupts to give Harriet a survival kit. That has virtually nothing practical in a car emergency, which Jane points out. And then Frank let’s the Boxx cat out of the bag, saying “Mr. Pitt” owns Boxx. Emma is fuming: She didn’t tell anyone, and the secret out might ruin their momentum. Jane rushes out, snippily, so Frank trots after her all casual-like to see what’s up.

Focus, Emma.

Episode 61 (The Usual Suspects): Emma is still upset about Pitt and Boxx. Worried about a leak, she goes through the usual suspects. She tells Alex that she’s worried that Maddy told Frank. Meanwhile, he’s thinking she’s surprised that Frank and Jane are a thing. Emma’s all SAY WHAT. Alex says they were TOTALLY a thing and tells her she needs to focus on the baby shower since it’s for her best friend.This stressed-out Emma is definitely losing it, y’all. She’s dropping all the balls and apparently doesn’t care who knows it.


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