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How to make the most of virtual JASP

The Jane Austen Summer Program is just a few days away now! We've got some tips on making the most out of our virtual format:

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Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Block off your calendar. It may not be easy since you're at home, but you deserve a Jane Austen break! Imagine you're on location at JASP and (try to) leave the distractions of home life behind you.

Stay engaged. Be an active listener and

be active. Take notes during sessions and group discussions. Download and read the handouts. Share your thoughts in the chat and breakout rooms. Cook along with during our banquet or compete in our Bake-Off. Create with us during our craft workshops -- you never know, maybe you'll wind up with a new hobby! Immerse yourself in JASP as much as you can.

Be social. Make sure to connect with others during JASP, in our breakout discussions, during the murder mystery game, in the Zoom chats, and on social media. (Tip: Use the hashtag #JASP2021 on Twitter and Instagram and tag Jane Austen Summer Program on Facebook and Instagram to follow the buzz online.)

Pace yourself. Just as at our in-person events, you may need a quick break from all the goings-on of JASP. We're recording most of our sessions and will work hard to get them posted on our password-protected page as soon as possible. Videos will be available for about a week after JASP, so you'll have time to catch up on most of what you might have missed.

Brush up on Zoom. We have created a user's guide just for JASP attendees, and you can also call our helpline during JASP hours if you need help; see your registration materials for the number. (Tip: To limit distractions to others on Zoom, keep your microphone on mute unless you're speaking.)

Stay in the know. Keep handouts in one folder on your computer, and have a list of passwords handy for our password-protected pages. And most important: Make sure to check your email frequently -- that's how we'll be sending attendees links and announcements this week.

We'll see you Thursday!


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