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How to pack for the Jane Austen Summer Program

Don't forget!

The Jane Austen Summer Program is just days away. We know — WE’RE EXCITED TOO! Here’s a handy list of things you won’t want to leave at home:

  1. “Emma.” Obviously! Bring us your e-book, your beloved, tattered paperback, your brand-spanking new copy with zero creases in the spine, whatever. You’ll want it to look up references during the discussions.

  2. Paper and pen. To take notes. Or to jot down a new friend’s contact info.

  3. Your phone/camera. Don’t you want proof you danced(!) at(!) a(!) ball(!)? Pics or it didn’t happen. …

  4. Dancing shoes. For said ball. And make ‘em comfortable! Your feet will thank you after a few hours on the dance floor.

  5. The practical stuff. Parking permits, registration papers, travel tickets, etc.

  6. Auction itemsOkay, maybe your new or gently used Jane Austen/Regency-related items can’t be included in this year’s auction, but we’re already thinking about next year. So please bring your donations! Remember: You’ll be helping us help teachers attend JASP on scholarship.

  7. Space in your suitcase. Remember all that stuff you’re donated to the 2016 silent auction? Once you drop it off, you can fill that space in your suitcase with stuff from this year’s auction — plus all the books and swag that will be on sale during the program. So … yeah, pro tip: Leave a bit of room in that bag of yours.

  8. Opinions. This is your chance to discuss the book with people who get your love of Jane Austen. So don’t be afraid to speak your mind! Maybe not everyone will agree with each other, but come with an open mind and a decided opinion and the conversation will be lively.

  9. Friendly attitude. For some of us, it’ll be like returning to summer camp. For others of us, it’ll be like the first day at a new school. See someone standing off on the side? Say hello! You know you have at least one thing in common.

See you in a few days!



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