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Introducing JASP+: Our Digital Humanities Outreach Program for North Carolina Teachers

The Jane Austen Summer Program is thrilled to announce that 2022 is the inaugural year for JASP+: a digital humanities outreach program for NC Public School Teachers! In addition to reading about JASP+ below, you can catch up on all the latest JASP+ updates and explore teaching resources by visiting our website:

JASP+ is the Jane Austen Summer Program’s digital humanities outreach program for North Carolina teachers. We offer an educational experience for PreK-12 educators who want to learn more about the digital humanities. Together, JASP+ teacher fellows will celebrate the power of the humanities in a small, dynamic cohort of fellow educators.

In partnership with the National Humanities Center, JASP+ provides a community for teachers to combine their passion for the humanities with practical professional development in digital tools. JASP+ Teacher Fellows will leave JASP+ with fluency in at least two new digital humanities tools, the opportunity to publish a digital project, and a draft lesson arc incorporating digital tools.

JASP+ participants will meet during JASP 2022, “Austen and Shakespeare,” to build a tight-knit, collaborative group of fellow teacher-learners. With the support of JASP+ program directors, fellows will experiment with digital tools to create a lesson arc that reflects both the joy of working in the humanities and the power of digital pedagogies.


Teacher fellows will come together virtually to meet

fellow educators, discuss goals, and get excited for this year’s programming! As a teacher-centered program, we are excited to hear what you want to get out of this year’s JASP+.


Teacher fellows will participate in all four days of the 2022

Jane Austen Summer Program, which runs from June 16-19 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Across the four days of the symposium, teacher fellows will meet to discuss their evolving interests and the ways in which they envision getting to use Jane Austen (and Shakespeare!) in the classroom.


Following the four days of JASP 2022, “Jane Austen and

Shakespeare,” JASP+ teacher fellows are funded to stay through June 20 to participate in digital humanities and pedagogy workshops and to discuss, experiment, and engage with one another as a community. Expanding on the ideas that most inspired you during JASP 2022, JASP+ invites participants to begin creating teaching tools that can work for you in your classroom.

On June 20, 2022, JASP+ teacher fellows will train with UNC librarians, National Humanities Center educators, and JASP+ directors to learn, practice, and play with the digital tools highlighted by the JASP+ team. During JASP+, teacher fellows will work together in a dynamic, collaborative, small-group setting to develop digital projects and discuss how you might use these tools in your own classroom.

JASP+ 2022 will feature at least 2 digital tools that facilitate engaging, joyous, and exploratory humanities instruction! Teacher fellows will experiment with Knightlab Storymap; Knightlab Timeline, and Wordpress. UNC librarians will lead professional development sessions explaining each of the programs. Afterwards, JASP+ teacher fellows will have time to experiment with these tools in collaborative, supportive lab spaces. Teacher fellows have the freedom to practice, play, and test the programs’ usefulness for their individual teaching needs.

Space is limited in this inaugural year as we continue to build bigger and better programming. If you're interested in getting involved in JASP+ 2022, please email JASP+ co-directors, Anna Merz and Katherine Stein. In future years, we look forward to welcoming larger cohorts of teacher fellows!


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