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‘Pride and Prejudice’ takes you might not have heard of yet

There are so many “Pride and Prejudice” remakes, retellings and updates out there in the film and book world, it’s hard to keep up. Here are a few on our radar:

Set in 1900s Brazil, “Pride and Passion (Orgulho e Paixão)” is a Brazilian telenovela from this year that imagines Austen’s characters living in a shared universe. It’s a little difficult to find in the States, but you can see an extended look at it here.


Set in modern-day Virginia, 2017’s “Before the Fall” is a gay love story between conceited lawyer Ben Bennet and factory work Lee Darcy. You can find it streaming on Amazon. Check out the trailer here.


The 2003 film “Pride & Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy” sets the action in modern-day Provo, Utah. You can find it streaming on several services. Here’s the trailer.


If you were a kid in the 1990s (or had kids in the 1990s), you might remember the PBS show “Wishbone,” which features an adorable Jack Russell terrier that imagined himself as the star in myriad adaptations of classic works. Wishbone as Sherlock Holmes! Wishbone as Robin Hood! Wishbone as … Mr. Darcy? You read that right.  Check out an episode called “Furst Impressions.” Or see the first part here:


Not interested in movies? This new edition of Pride and Prejudice incorporates teatime recipes from none other than Martha Stewart!



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