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Teacher Tuesday & Lodging!

The deadline for scholarship applications for JASP2023 is next week! Applications are open to current middle and high school teachers, and are due April 7th. Apply here today!

Scholarships cover 100% of your attendance at JASP2023 activities, which include presentations from a range of disciplines, small group discussions, dance lessons, a ticket to both the theatricals and the Regency Ball, "elevenses", and special talks and networking opportunities for teachers.

You'll have a chance to pick up inspiring ideas about how to bring Jane Austen into your classroom for a range of age- and reading-levels.

This year's JASP is focused on Jane Austen's Teenage Writings (along with the short novel, Lady Susan). The outrageous humor of the juvenilia make them an excellent entry point for those new to Austen and her historical time period, and their general brevity make them appealing for younger readers. In our symposium, you'll be given a wealth of information about historical context and biographical background, as well as innovative practices for using Austen's texts in the classroom.

Apply today! (winners will be announced by April 21st)

Dorm Lodging!

Wondering where to stay while you soak up the excitement of JASP? This year, attendees have a new option: dorm lodging right on campus, mere steps from the workshops and lectures. For full information, check out our registration page with details about the accommodations.

Above all, register today to join us for an immersive journey through Austen's juvenilia!


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