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The Theatricals are Back by Popular Demand–Newsflash from Adam McCune

“Jack and Alice,” coming to Chapel Hill, NC on June 13, 2014 A parlor drama based on the story from Jane Austen’s juvenilia

He is rich and handsome, but too proud, and she is young and beautiful, but too… drunk.

Far from the decorous courtesy of the later novels, the impulsive and unrestrained characters of this story Jane Austen wrote in her teens are parodies of the Georgian-era gentry at their silliest. Expect wine, poison, masks and traps in this delightful diversion from the master storyteller.

Cast (in alphabetical order) Ashley King as Lady Williams Adam McCune as Mr. Johnson and Jack Johnson Blanche McCune as Alice Johnson Michele Robinson as Lucy Taylor Ted Scheinman as Charles Adams Katie Walker as Sukey Simpson Ryan Walker as the Duke and the Executioner Rae Yan as Caroline Simpson

2013-06-28 19.38.04
2013-06-28 19.26.46
2013-06-28 19.34.58
2013-06-28 19.29.08


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