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JASP 2023 ~ Austen's Teenage Writings


In 2013, our very program was held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ten years later, our 2023 JASP returned to campus! The program centered on Austen's Teenage Writings, exploring her work as a young writer through stories such as "The Beautifull Cassandra," "Henry & Eliza," "Jack & Alice," and Lady Susan. The timing of the conference couldn't have been more perfect: The 8th International Society of Literary Juvenilia Conference, also held at UNC, overlapped with JASP, and the two organizations offered joint programming.

Speakers included authors Sayantani DasGupta and Maria Grace; scholars Kimiyo Ogawa, Laurie Langbauer and Lesley Peterson; and film director and writer Whit Stillman, who took part in a Q&A during a private JASP-exclusive screening of his film "Love and Friendship" at Chapel Hill's Varsity Theatre. Learn more about our 2023 speakers.

The event also included a theatrical, a Regency game night, a Regency doll sewing workshop, a book crafting workshop, teacher forums, our teacher-focused JASP+ program, and the return of our Regency ball.

Readings & Doings

Lori Mulligan Davis led participants in a book crafting workshop, while Ann Wass taught JASPers how to sew a Regency doll.  In addition, Kimiyo Ogawa discussed the ethics of care, Breckyn Wood explored Jane Austen's editing prowess, and David Palko gave insight into the role of music in Austen's early work. Director Whit Stillman gave us a look behind the scenes of his 2016 film "Love & Friendship."

Our readings:

Teenage Writings, Jane Austen (Oxford World's Classics)

Lady Susan, Jane Austen (Wordsworth Classics)

Suggested viewings:
“Love & Friendship” (2016)


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Theatrical JASP 2023

Theatrical JASP 2023

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