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Praise for JASP

Jane Austen Summer Program and Jane Austen & Co.

"The work of the Jane Austen Summer Program and Austen & Co. is phenomenal. Their attention to connecting Austen to the world beyond England and tackling difficult and meaningful topics, as well as remaining accessible by making Austen & Co. freely available around the world in the pandemic and beyond are just a few of the reasons we gladly lend our support to their work. Between the Summer Program and Austen & Co. webinars, the members of JASNA-NC are regularly enriched by the outstanding scholars and content. Everything they do is invaluable to Austen studies and fans."


-- Dr. Sara Tavela, Co-Regional Coordinator for JASNA-North Carolina

2023: Austen's Teenage Writings

"Our [discussion] group was a lovely mix of people from such a wide range of backgrounds so we really kept a lovely welcoming nonjudgemental discussion going the whole time - it was lovely. No further notes."

"I love the discussion sections and feel they are one of the special aspects of JASP."

"I continue to find JASP immensely edifying."

"I really liked the fact that the event was at UNC’s campus. I really felt like it added a weight and value to the event."

"I truly enjoyed the guest speakers and having access to speak with them on several occasions."

"I really had so many amazing takeaways from this weekend and new things to think about when I read JA’s work or any literature really."

"I enjoyed the range of speakers - from the details of punctuation to the inclusion of dragons, I thought there was something for everyone."

"Very good content, and especially appreciated hearing from students and younger, new speakers. Although the tried & true were also incredible. Loved all the content."

"I love the combination of scholarly and practical in your event and that it is put together with so much love and commitment."

"I really admire how you include undergraduates and graduate students in the whole thing! It is so important to support the next generation of readers and scholars!"

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2022: Jane Austen & Shakespeare

"I really enjoyed so much about the experience that I cannot wait to invite friends to join in next year."


"I totally appreciate and get a lot out of the discussion groups.  Interesting to hear opinions from 2 or 3 different generations."

"Speakers were excellent.  Nice mix of seriousness and fun.  Discussions were a great way to hear other's ideas and to meet fellow participants."

"The variety of sessions was great. I learned so many different things and was challenged to think about many aspects of the readings."

"Love everything about JASP--the welcoming atmosphere, the rich variety of experiences (literature, film, material culture), the generosity and competence of those involved.  This year's array of lectures, context corners, and supplementary activities was especially fine." 

"I really loved the demonstrations—-both the music and the cooking. It felt like something special."

"I adore the intimacy of JASP. It's lovely getting to know people in small group discussions."

2021: Jane Austen's World (virtual)

"This year was terrific—such a variety of programs—all superbly done"

"The content was fabulous. I learned a lot. I loved the context corners and discussion groups the most."


"I am blown away by the content of JASP 2021. It covered many subjects relating to Jane Austen's world and all of it was well done."

"Content is superb. Such excellent, knowledgeable speakers and interesting topics."


"Wonderful, educational, and entertaining"


"I'm extremely impressed, in awe of and grateful for all the efforts the 2021 JASP Team has put forth to give us JASP 2021."


"This was a comprehensive, entertaining, and informative conference."


"I've attended many virtual conferences this year, and this is the one that really made me feel like I was there."


"This was my first JASP and it was wonderful. I enjoyed the mix of fact and fun."


"JASP 2021 was an absolute TRIUMPH!"

2019: Pride and Prejudice and Its Afterlives

"This was so amazing, even more so than I thought it would be. I can’t wait until next year!”

“Thank you for putting on such a great event, with a great mix of activities. Small group discussions were great, too. And the ease of registration is great as well.”

“I would love for it to be longer! Nonetheless, a LOT gets packed in over the long weekend.”

“This was the highlight of the weekend for me! The dress I brought didn’t fit, so I rented a dress- I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have that option. I loved the dress I rented and felt so pretty during the ball! The music was lovely and Jack did a great job walking everyone through the steps before we danced. I could’ve danced all night!"

“Having us in small groups was great. Conversation flowed well, moderator was nice to have to stimulate when needed. Very enjoyable.”

2018: Northanger Abbey & Frankenstein: 200 Years of Horror

"Best yet. Each year it gets better and better. I loved the concept of a two book discussion.”

“JASP gets better every year… Worth every penny, and I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone interested in Austen and her works.”

“I think the value for money even at full price is excellent.”

“My discussion leaders were excellent. They asked provocative questions, helped me make connections where I hadn’t made them before and were very respectful of everyone’s ideas.”

“The ball is ALWAYS wonderful and is something I look so forward to each year!”

2017: 200 Years of Persuasion

"JASP is one of the highlights of my year. The opportunity to talk with informed, interesting and often funny people is not to be missed. As a non-academic it is an oasis in my workaday corporate existence. The quality of the presenters is excellent.”

“The level of courtesy and graciousness at JASP is not found in regular academic conferences.”

“I regularly teach Austen at the college level, and this program routinely sends me back to the classroom with more knowledge and more practical ways to make Austen live for my students. And because everyone knows all of the books, the enlightenment doesn’t stop with the book of the year – the conversation helps recast the other novels as well.”

“What I loved was the company at this symposium. Attendees ranged from their 20s to their 70s – grad students, high school teachers, professors, a mechanic and even a goat herder. Many of us discovered Austen in our teens and kept rereading her books over and over again. Although we didn’t study Austen for a living, we filtered the book through our own experiences – Russian, Chinese, old and young.”

2016: Mansfield Park and Its Afterlives

"Thank you for hosting such a delightful and informative conference last weekend.  This was my first experience delving into the heart of Jane Austen, and I learned so much that now I cannot wait to read more!  The conference itself was well organized and varied, and the speakers all provided a unique insight into the Regency era.  Thank you so much for all of your efforts!”  

“The discussion groups are a highlight.  Dynamic discussions led by famous Austen scholars make the JASP worth every penny!”

“A wonderful, filled schedule with a perfect balance of academia and fun. . .I loved the mix of academic content and living the novel.  It was a blast.  I learned a lot, met great people and had a ball (literally). . . I couldn’t have spent 4 days better.”

“As a teacher in a state that recently has not made public school teachers feel valued, your graciousness and generosity have pampered me.  I go home basking not only in the words of Jane Austen but in the acts of kindness fellow Janeites have marinated me in.”

“All the professors I met were so friendly and welcoming, so I never felt intimidated talking with such impressive scholars.  It was a totally comfortable environment for all!”

2015: Emma at 200

“My favorite was the performance of ‘Jack and Alice’ by the grad students. Delightful!”

“There is nothing similar available–certainly not of the same quality.  It’s a fabulous opportunity.  The biggest strength is the focus on Jane Austen and the diversity of views and topics covered.

“Time spent with smart people discussing a single book is always worth while.  The conference was a wonderful opportunity to learn, discuss, reflect, mingle, and enjoy.”

“Programs such as this one where the love of reading and scholarship are combined in an accessible way for people from all backgrounds will help save the Humanities!"

“I really enjoyed getting together with fellow Jane Austen lovers for 4 days and becoming immersed in her life, times, and books.  It’s a real treat.. . I loved the addition of Jane Austen Books.  I love the fact that scholars and non-scholars gather together and have intense discussions around a particular Austen novel.”

2014: Sense & Sensibility

"Thank you for an unforgettable experience!”

“It’s such a joy to be among like minds! There are few places where I can make Austen references and have them appreciated.  The blend of academics and other fans leads to very fruitful discussions.”

“The most fun I’ve had in an academic setting since grad school!  I can’t wait for next year’s event and am already working on Emma in preparation…”

“A fun way to meet people with the same interests and learn more about Austen and Regency era in general.”

“Perfect. Everything from registration to check-in were very organized and efficient.”

“It was an overall delightful adventure — informative and thought-provoking!”

2013: Pride and Prejudice

"I adored the relaxed ambiance, with no clear division between the experts and the amateurs – a feeling of respect for everyone , no matter one’s expertise in Austen.”

“The graduate students were immensely personable, helpful, and charming.”

“I have already told most of my friends to mark their calendars for next year.”

“Brilliant professors and delicious teatimes.”

“An excellently organized experience. Wonderful dance instruction 

(and the ball!), and I found the group discussions after each panel lively and enlightening. Excellent.”

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