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5 Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday

William Shakespeare's birthday is traditionally observed on April 23 -- which means he turns 458 in just a few days! We've compiled a list of things you can do to mark the Bard's birthday this year. Happy celebrating!

Shakespeare portrait with birthday hat

1. Watch your favorite Shakespeare movie adaptation.

Experience his beloved plays on screen by watching a movie. "Much Ado About Nothing" (1993), "Romeo and Juliet" (1996), and "10 Things I Hate About You" (1999) are some fan favorites. Maybe they'll inspire you to learn to write your own adaptation.

The Guardian has ranked the best Shakespeare films. Do you agree with its evaluation?

2. Build your own Globe Theatre.

Hold the Globe Theatre in your hands (literally) with this free, printable paper model that will transport you to the theater's location in London.

3. Write a birthday sonnet.

Create your own sonnet for Shakespeare in Shakespearean sonnet form. Remember to use iambic pentameter and the ABAB/CDCD/EFEF/GG rhyming format. To learn how to write a Shakespearean sonnet, check out No Sweat Shakespeare's easy three-step guide.

4. Act out a scene from one of Shakespeare's plays.

Bring the theater home by acting out a scene from your favorite Shakespeare play. Whether you're alone or with a group of friends (or using our free printable puppets and sets), you'll definitely feel the power of the theater. Break a leg!

5. Bake a Shakespeare-inspired cake.

No birthday celebration is complete without a cake, and we encourage you to bake one! You don't have to be a master baker to partake in this activity. Just have fun and let your creativity take over.

A few Shakespeare-inspired cakes that look too good to eat. Photos from Pinterest

We'd love to see how you celebrate Shakespeare's birthday! If you're on social media, tag us on Instagram @janeaustensummer, Twitter @jaustensummer, and Facebook at 'Jane Austen Summer Program'. Use the hashtag #JASP22.


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