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Austen for Audiophiles

Let us take up the question of listening to Austen or, as is usually the case, listening to people talk about Austen. There are plenty of audio adaptations of her novels to be had, but an added delight to listening opportunities are the plethora of podcasts that take on Jane Austen and topics of matter to her, then and now. Here are a few recommended podcasts. We’d love to hear what you’re listening to!

The Austen Connection, which has an accompanying newsletter at, has this description: We're talking about the stories of Jane Austen - how they connect to us today, and connect us to each other.

Latest episode of the podcast: Season 2 Episode 4: Muslim romance right out of Jane Austen

What Would Jane Do? Julia Golding, author and a Jane Austen fan, is joined by Zoe Wheddon, teacher, researcher and writer, to discuss early nineteenth perspectives on issues in modern life through the lens of the wit and wisdom of Jane Austen. Perfect for fans of Jane Austen or anyone wanting to take a little break from the twenty-first century.

Latest episode of the podcast: Season 3: Ep. 2 Jane Austen and Oversharing

Reading Jane Austen – Ellen and Harriet are a mother and daughter who have been talking about Jane Austen together since Harriet was first old enough to read her. In this podcast, we will be doing a close reading of the books.In each episode, we will look at a few chapters. As well as talking about anything that strikes us in the chapters, we will also pick a favourite sentence, have a discussion about one of the characters, and then Ellen will give a social historian perspective about some element of the nineteenth century that seems pertinent, and Harriet will talk about the chapters in pop culture adaptations of the book.

Latest episode of the podcast: Season 3 Episode 1.5 Mansfield Park, Extras from episode 1

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