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Emma Approved, Episodes 43-47: The customer is always right?

Previously on “Emma Approved” … The soon-to-be Mrs. Elton is … like WHOA.

Check out the rock on Caroline’s finger. She makes sure to show it off whenever she can.

Episode 43 (To New Heights): Harriet and Emma are both looking at the Lee-Elton engagement party gig as a character-building exercise. Emma is determined to treat Caroline like any other client. But Caroline is she a handful with a capital H. Caroline says James insisted they find someone else to do the “grunt work” for the party. Caroline coldly sends Harriet off for coffee. Caroline insists Emma — not Harriet — personally handle the party. It’s all fake smiles and giggles and snide remarks. But the thing that gets Emma’s goat is Caroline calling Alex “Al.” Caroline is a little more Mean Girl here than she was on “Lizzie Bennet Diaries.” There, she was a little more underhanded, well, until she showed her true colors at the end. But even then you felt a little bad for her. That is not the case here. Speaking of Lizzie. See below for the Twitter exchange between the two characters post-engagement (Caroline’s, that is). Not exactly the stuff BFFs are made of.


Episode 44 (A Little Too Familiar): Emma says Caroline is a self-centered pretentious snob and basically insufferable. Caroline is making Harriet do a ton of work, but not considering any of her options. Caroline says she’ll call Jane to go shopping — she wants to help Jane up her style quotient and find her a man. Emma gets defensive about being single (I’m with ya, sister). Caroline offers to find someone for Emma and asks if something’s going on with Emma and “Al.” Which of course Emma denies (WHY EMMA WHY). Emma complains to Alex, who calls Caroline perfectly nice. Then Emma pretty much sums up the book her life: “She thinks she knows what’s best for everyone else but in reality she has no idea!” Alex guffaws subtly, if that’s possible. Emma says Caroline wants Jane to be her paper doll. Alex calls her out: Kettle, have you met my friend, Pot? She is exactly like you!

Episode 45 (Mirror, Mirror): Emma’s giving Alex the silent treatment for calling her out about Caroline. Emma indignantly says she’s not a “hair tossing, fake smiling, condescending insulting control freak.” Hey, she said it, not me. (We love you, though, Em.) She’s annoyed Caroline hired her and yet still orders Emma around. Caroline, “Ms. I Want a Macrobiotic Menu” has the chef at the venue fired. James comes in — they’re going on a double date with Ryan and Annie later. He says he’s hoping to get relationship advice from Ryan — because the best advice should come from someone (meaning: NOT EMMA) who’s in a relationship. Jerkface.

Episode 47 (Plus One, Minus One): Tonight is the engagement party, and everyone is dressed to the nines. Harriet especially made a big effort to get dolled up. She and Emma congratulate each other on getting through this ordeal. James stops in to say hello. he mentions that Harriet looks nice and asks why. Harriet’s all, Um, I’m working your party? James makes it clear that Harriet is NOT invited to the party. Alex is here to save the say, though: He says Harriet is his plus-one. HA. Take that, Sen. Jerkface. (Nice take on the ballroom snub from the book.)

I’ll close out this post with the best photo from the party — and if you haven’t see Bing Lee, well this is a reason to watch “Lizzie Bennet Diaries.”



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