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Jane Eyre Vlog Announcement

Hello, dear readers! We regret to inform you this week’s planned vlog installment, covering chapters 18-23 of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, will not air on the Jane Austen Summer Program website or YouTube channel as scheduled on June 24. (Unfortunately, this author recently contracted a nasty, infected poison ivy rash and is struggling to recover her health. Perhaps a rejuvenating seaside holiday is in order...)

But never fear! Na’dayah and I will be back next week to recap chapters 18-23 alongside chapters 24-27 as originally scheduled. Barring any other severe illness or injury, the rest of the vlog schedule will continue as follows:

July 1: Ch. 18-27

July 8: Ch. 28-33

July 15: Ch. 34-end

July 22: adaptations/final thoughts

We thank you for your patience and hope you are enjoying the vlog series as much as we are here at JASP! In the meantime, dear readers—please consider making a donation to the Jane Austen Summer Program in order to keep JASP and JA&Co. content free for all.

(And for those of you living in southeastern America, do watch out for poison ivy!)


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