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Jane Eyre Vlog Series: Chapters 1-9

Welcome back to the Jane Eyre vlog series, folks! Throughout the months of June and July, Na'dayah and I will be continuing JASP's 2024 Austen vs. Brontë series by delving into Jane Eyre in book club-style YouTube vlogs. If you missed our introductory video last week, watch it here for more details. Otherwise, grab some popcorn and join us for a lively discussion of the first nine chapters of Charlotte Brontë’s timeless gothic novel. Highlights include Jane’s time at Lowood (partially inspired by Brontë’s own schooling experiences), as well as female friendship, religious tensions, and contrasting themes of love, life, and death throughout the book.



If you’re reading along with us—or if you just enjoy watching Na’dayah and I poke fun at ourselves on camera—be sure to join us again on Monday, June 17 as we dive into chapters 10-17. Happy reading!


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