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Jane Eyre Vlog Series: Chapters 28-33

Welcome back to the Jane Eyre vlog series, folks! If you missed our video on chapters 18-27 last week, watch it here to catch up. Otherwise, sit back, grab some popcorn, and join us for a lively discussion of the next six chapters. This episode is going to look a little different—as explained in detail at the beginning of the video—but we hope you'll enjoy our penultimate romp through Charlotte Brontë's seminal novel, featuring Jane's dramatic departure from Thornfield estate, a dashing new male co-lead, and the sudden acquisition of a rather large inheritance...



If you’re reading along with us—or if you just enjoy watching Na’dayah and I laughing at ourselves on camera—be sure to join us again on Monday, July 15 as we discuss the final chapters of the novel. Until then, happy viewing!


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