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Want to present at JASP? Here's how.

Happy Monday, everyone. We've got a few program updates for you today. Read on for details.

Present at JASP!

The Jane Austen Summer Program is looking for presenters for its "Films and Afterlives" panel. This popular panel -- scheduled for Sunday, June 19, from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. -- will focus on adaptations in various media of our central texts: "Mansfield Park" "All’s Well That Ends Well" and "King Lear." Have an idea for a 15-minute presentation? Find more details and propose your idea here.

More Jane Austen & Co. webinars

Jane Austen & Co. continues its free webinar series on "Asia & the Regency." On April 21, author and professor emerita Dr. Karen Tei Yamashita discusses her book "Sansei and Sensibility," about her love of Jane Austen and her experiences as a third-generation Japanese American. On May 25, Dr. Kathryn Duncan (Saint Leo University) will discuss her new book, "Jane Austen and the Buddha" (Toplight Books 2021), and what Austen's novels can teach us about finding peace and happiness. RSVP for these events here.

Snag your spot in our workshops

There is (limited) seating available in our sewing and creative writing workshops. In our sewing workshops, you will trim your own toque with help from historical costumer Hope Greenberg, who says: "They are easier to make than bonnets, they are fun to dance in, they can be spruced up or redecorated as desired, and like Jane Austen says of her caps, they save a 'world of torment as to hairdressing.' " No sewing experience required! Read more about toques and Greenberg here.

Our creative writing workshops will be led by Lesley Peterson, editor of the Journal of Juvenilia Studies, and playwright Sarah Rose Kearns, whose stage adaptation of "Persuasion" -- an excerpt of which she read at the 2017 JASP -- premiered off-Broadway last fall. Register for these workshops here. Our writing workshops are a recent addition to our program in the past few years and have quickly become popular.

Haven't registered for JASP?

Time may be running out! Register for JASP today and spend a long weekend in June with us as we explore the works and worlds of Austen and the Bard.


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