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Summer scholars presentation series, part I

Are you missing the engaging and creative context corners that our graduate students put on every year at the Jane Austen Summer Program? Yeah, we are too. However, we might just have the cure for your Austen withdrawals: While this year’s JASP was postponed, the corresponding UNC Summer School course (ENGL 235: Studies in Jane Austen), led by JASP co-founder Dr. Inger Brodey, went on full speed ahead. After five weeks of reading Austen and conducting their own research, students created their own amazing presentations, which we recorded and are sharing just for you.

The first of four posts in our Summer Scholars Presentation Series, this installment features two presentations on instruments and accomplishments (respectively) in Jane Austen’s novels and time, with additional Q&A from graduate research consultant Anne Fertig.


Have you ever wondered why Austen characters only seem to play pianoforte or harp? Or why no one could stand Mary Bennet’s performances? Find answers to these questions and more with UNC undergraduate Maggie Randall.


We are all familiar with Mr. Darcy’s thoughts on female accomplishment — here’s a woman’s views on the subject. Look no further than this great presentation by UNC undergraduate Megan Britt.


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