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The Perfect Birthday Gift for Jane Austen

Happy 246th birthday to Jane Austen! On December 16, 1775, our beloved Jane was born in Steventon, England. For the last two centuries, her wit and writing has delighted millions worldwide.

For the last ten years, the Jane Austen Summer Program has been celebrating Austen’s life and achievements each summer with workshops, balls, talks, and discussions about our favorite novelist. With our new lecture series, Jane Austen & Co., we’ve reached thousands more with free virtual lectures, increasing access to Austen scholarship. And that’s not all: With JASP+ and other future projects in the pipeline, we’ve got plenty more love to go around for Austen.

This year, we’re asking you to make a gift in honor of Jane Austen’s birthday with a donation to the Jane Austen Summer Program. As a registered non-profit in the United States, US citizens can deduct the donation from their taxes. Plus, we offer easy donation through PayPal and Square.

Your donation will help JASP:

Sponsor teachers to attend the summer symposium. When teachers come to JASP, everyone learns. Teachers are an important part of our community. By sponsoring a teacher, you’re keeping the love alive for Austen for generations to come.

  • Keep Jane Austen & Co. lectures free. We’re committed to ensuring that Jane Austen & Co. events remain free and open to the public. Currently, we are dependent on external grants to ensure that we can do that, but with humanities funding drying up, we need your help more than ever.

  • Support undergraduate and graduate students. We love being able to support the development of future scholars and Janeites. From context corners to organizing our annual ball, graduate students are a core part of our team. Our undergraduate interns and student presentations help young people gain valuable experience in professional humanities work that forms an essential foundation for their future careers.

  • Maintain an affordable ticket price for the summer symposium. Every year, we strive to keep JASP as affordable as possible while providing access to world-class lecturers, hands-on workshops, dance lessons, balls, and other interactive social events. By making a donation, you can help keep the JASP accessible and open for more people.

  • Provide funding for future initiatives and development. At JASP, we’re always trying to think of new and innovative ways to create engaging humanities scholarship for community audiences. Donations help us develop and initiate new programs like JASP+ for teachers, students, and communities around the world.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you next summer!

(Image courtesy of Austenised blog.)


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