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A ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Secret Santa

When you have a big family, Secret Santa might be the best way to give gifts at the holidays. Can you imagine if the Bingleys and Darcys had to draw Secret Santas? We thought of a few Secret Santa pairings and gifts they’d give:

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Caroline for Lizzy

Caroline knows how much Lizzy likes to scamper about the country, the elements be damned, so she might think a boot cleaner kit would be perfect for Lizzy.


Darcy for Jane

Darcy knows Jane loves her family. A personalized family tree wall sculpture would be a great way to keep her family close — even when they’re far away.  

Lizzy for Bingley

Okay, so Lizzy might not be able to forget how Bingley treated Jane if she’s giving him this for Christmas: “Stop People Pleasing: Be Assertive, Stop Caring What Others Think, Beat Your Guilt, & Stop Being a Pushover.”

Jane for Darcy

What would Jane get her enigmatic brother-in-law? She’d play it safe with some neutral-colored socks.

Bingley for Caroline

Bingley is well familiar with his sister’s high-end tastes for the latest fashions. A classic brooch with a Gucci touch might be just the thing — and at $590 would cost a pretty penny.

What gifts would you give the characters in “Pride and Prejudice”?


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