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Emma Approved, Episodes 11-13 (plus Q and A): Oh, hi, Bobby Martin

Previously on Emma Approved … Emma saved Annie’s wedding thanks to some subterfuge.

Emma no
Martin? NOPE.

Episode 11 (Underwhelmed): The wedding took place. YAY! That’s one story arc done and dusted. I don’t know about you, but I was ready for this arc to be done with. It deviated from the book, where there was no doubt about Mr. Weston and Ms. Taylor’s nuptials, but at the same time it showed the lengths this Emma will go to to get the outcome she wants right from the get-go. Still, all in all,  I kept waiting for the actual story to begin.  Anyway, now, heeeeeeeeere’s Martin, Bobby “My Friends Call Me B-Mart” Martin, actually, he of the epically high hair, geeky yet endearing personality. Emma called him in mostly so she can check him out herself. He loves bird watching, and in poker, he won a year’s supply of nacho cheese. Awwww, Emma, he’s adorkable. Emma says, “Uh, NO, Jenny, he is NOT.” At least that’s what the look on her face says.

harriet and martin
Can you feel the love?

Episode 12 (The Rooster Obstacle): Emma has set up a webcam at Harriet’s desk. Well, that’s not creepy at all. Martin’s at Harriet’s desk fixing her desktop. Emma watches as the two awkwardly flirt with each other without knowing they’re flirting with each other. Meanwhile, Emma’s made up busy work for Harriet to keep her away from Martin — hence, ahem, the episode title. Harriet is researching suitable bachelors for a “client” (Harriet, unbeknownst to her). One name stands out: James Elton, a state senator. Oooh, I like this twist: A vicar and a state senator hold some sway within a community and must put forward a public persona. Emma asks Harriet to pick a bachelor. One guess whom Harriet picks.

Q&A 1 with Snarky Knightley: The Q&A’s are interspersed throughout the series with different characters answering questions from Twitter/Facebook followers; sometimes they add to the story in little ways, but mostly they’re just for funsies. The takeaways in this one: (1) Emma says Mr. Woodhouse doesn’t get out of the house much. (2) She hasn’t met Lizzie Bennet yet, which means the characters from the two Web series — “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and “Emma Approved” — exist the same universe. Hmm, I wonder if these two ladies would get along….(3) Emma doesn’t think much about finding her soul mate — she’s too focused on helping others find theirs. And (4) speaking of soul mates, Alex arrives to answer this question: Why does Mr. Knightley work with Emma? He says he asks himself that question every day. Oh like we don’t all know why, dude.

Episode 13 (Tweetception): Emma tells Alex she’s found a new high-profile client: James Elton. Well, he will be once she convinces him he needs her help. She’s going to follow the advice she gave Harriet: “Find something out there and take it.” As she brainstorms ways to get Elton’s attention, Emma realizes he and Ryan are friends and follow each other on Twitter. So Emma thinks nothing of calling Annie — on her honeymoon! — to get Ryan to tweet something about Emma’s work. Annie, you should’ve let that call go to voice mail.

Next week: Eps 14-18.


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