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Emma Approved, Episodes 14-18: Presenting State Sen. James Elton

Previously on “Emma Approved” … Bobby Martin charmed us all (except Emma).


Episode 15 (Ambition and Fruition): Martin’s video has discombobulated Harriet, who asks Emma for advice. Emma, of course, demurs. But the final result is — wait for it — Harriet decides to turn him down. Because apparently Martin doesn’t have goals. Harriet, listen: Calm down. Yes, Martin’s video was a little intense. But he is not asking you to marry him (in this version at least), you just have to have dinner.  Jeez. Emma’s reward for her “good” advice: One sad Harriet … and a phone call from James Elton.

Episode 16 (Giving Thanks): Emma’s on a “James Elton is my client” high, while Harriet mopes about Martin. Speaking of, he stops in to say bye, because his job is done at Emma Approved, and Emma at least has the heart to look a little sad about how hangdog Martin is. Alex comes in, and Emma can’t wait to set him up per their Elton bet, but he quickly changes to subject, along the lines of, “I know something you don’t know: Harriet and Martin sittin’ in a tr –” But Emma stops him cold: She says Harriet already shot him down. And whoa, Alex is … not pleased. I like this fiery Knightley. Not afraid to tell Emma off and not in a lecture-y “I am better than you” kind of way. He says he’s having trouble even looking at her right now and stalks off, leaving her visibly upset. Good.

Episode 17 (First Impressions): After Thanksgiving, we finally meet the smarmily handsome James Elton. Emma wants to find him his “forever someone,” and in her mind that’s Harriet, whom she prompts to offer James some “celery soda.” Ew. Emma says Harriet introduced the office to the drink, which James of course is into as well. And … begin phase one of this matchmaking scheme.

Vicar, er, State Sen. James Elton

Episode 18 (Practice Date): Alex and Emma have reached detente, neither apologizing for their spat over Harriet and Martin, but the fight is over by the episode’s end. Emma makes James go on a “practice date” with mopey Harriet as the volunteer. James brings up his likes: cacao nibs, boutique hot sauces and Icelandic yogurt. If you hadn’t lost me by virtue of being Elton, James, you lost me at Icelandic yogurt. Ick.  The two discover a mutual love of musicals, and Harriet mentions she plays the ukelele (side note: There’s a whole “Harriet’s Music Club” set of videos that I didn’t bother watching, but feel free). At the end of the date James compliments Emma as his instructor.


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