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Emma Approved, Episodes 53-57: ‘Holy Oprah!’

Previously on “Emma Approved” … Emma’s got a hunch (again)


Episode 53 (Gossip Girl): Emma really wants to gossip about Jane. She doesn’t want to make it sound like Jane is her next project because then she’ll sound too much like Caroline, but, well… No, she just wants to let Jane “unburden” herself. Emma learns Jane skipped the wedding of her best friends — Sara and Peter Dixon — in the U.K. Apparently Jane left England abruptly, and Emma is intrigued. Frank stops by to do his duty and flirt incessantly (I guess being a tycoon gives you lots of time to make the girls swoon?). Emma tells him about the laptop, which seemingly makes him curious, too. Emma’s theory: It’s from the U.K. — and maybe from Peter Dixon. Oh, Emma. Worst. Nancy Drew. Ever.

Episode 54 (The Dating Game): While Emma wonders why Frank hasn’t brought in his photo for the bachelor/ette auction catalogue, she gives a snooty impression of Jane, who has nothing of interest to say about anything. (This Jane’s more vocal in this version of “Emma,” but I tend to agree with Emma.) Annie drops off the photo for Frank, who had to jet off unexpectedly. Emma worries Jane likes everyone more than she likes Emma. We haven’t gotten to see Jane interact with many people yet, but Emma’s worries aren’t entirely off-base, I bet. Annie thinks Jane and Alex spend a lot of time together and proposes Emma set them up on a date. Emma flat-out refuses. Hmm.  She tells Annie that she can’t just make up a theory and run with it. Who doesn’t love when Emma tells people things she ought to tell herself?

Episode 55 (Mythbusters): Emma lures Alex and Jane to her office by themselves so she can see if there’s any sparks between them. Of which there are none. But there is plenty of awkward yet friendly conversation. Later, Alex tells Emma he doesn’t like like Jane, to Emma’s relief, but she still wants him to bid on Jane anyway — just in case. Alex jokes that he can’t compete with Frank and his haircut of fanciness. Please.

Episode 56 (Psych): The auction is tomorrow and Frank comes into Emma’s office all mopey-dope, saying he has to leave unexpectedly because an investor is pulling out of his company. Furthermore, he tells Emma that there’s something missing in his life and he thinks Emma might know what it is. WHAAAT. He was actually really sweet here in this moment of vulnerability. But she hurries him out the door, but not before he kisses her hand as he takes his leave. Then she’s all “Holy OPRAH!”: Frank must have been about to ask her out. But she doesn’t know how she feels about him. Then Annie drops another bomb: She’s pregnant. Emma shares her news — not about Frank but Jane/Alex: There’s nothing between them. Annie hints that Frank and Emma would make a good couple.

Somebody’s blushing….

Episode 57 (Babies and Bids): The auction was a success (an old lady won Alex; Mr. Woodhouse bid on Emma) and the business has two new clients: an uber-trendy restaurant called Boxx, with a supersecret anonymous owner — and Annie’s baby shower. And where is Boxx? “In the Hills.” Ba-dum-dum. With two events to juggle, an anxious Harriet goes to Alex for help. She’s all blushy-blushy around him now. Ruhroh, someone’s got a crush. … Alex warns Emma that they might be overwhelmed by the two events, but she’s optimistic. He asks why Boxx has two X’s and she says he’s just jealous because he only has one. And then she pronounces his name all fancy and calls him the “hottest boring accounting guy this summer” and he casually says she called him hot. She is not wrong.


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