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Emma Approved, Episodes 6 to 10: Emma takes things into her own hands. As usual.

Previously on Emma Approved … we met the gang and Annie Taylor doesn’t want to marry Ryan Weston. WHAT.

In which Emma can’t see love even when it is staring her in the face.

Episode 6 (Let’s Be Frank): Wedding drama ensues: After some finagling — including bribing his assistant with fancy shoes (a lesson in  Manipulation 101: “Getting People to Owe You!”) — Emma gets leaves Frank voice mail after voice mail telling him to come to the wedding — or at least send a gift. When Emma hangs up, her gears are turning. Clearly girl’s got a plan.

Episode 7 (What Really Matters): Yup, Emma has devised a sure-to-be-foolproof cockamamie scheme requiring Alex to falsify financial reports for Enscombe Enterprises (book alert — Enscombe’s the Churchill family seat in the novel!) to lure board member Frank to California. Alex is all: WHAT NO WAY, JOSE EMMA. You go, Alex. He seems to be the only person who doesn’t let her get away with anything. Later, Annie admits she wanted to cancel because of Frank. But lo and behold, he just now and oh so conveniently sent her a lovely letter and a fabulous pasta maker and look who’s changed her mind about a wedding. And … cue fist pump of victory for Emma.

Episode 8 (Being a Great Friend): Emma is all Congratulate me — the wedding is back on! And Alex tells her sincerely, “Nice job.” And the look he gives her? It’s made of swoon. (EMMA, WHY CAN’T YOU SEE THE SWOON? Can’t you look at the photo at the top of this page and SEE THE SWOON?!) But later a package arrives: a card and a gift from Tiffany from Frank to Annie. Alex calls Emma out for lying to Annie: The letter and pasta maker were from Emma, not Frank. I don’t know why Alex can’t believe Emma would do that but he can’t. But it doesn’t matter. Ms. Failure Isn’t an Option is ready for a new challenge.

EA flowers
Aww, Emma, must you mock Alex?

Episode 9 (A Worthy Subject): The wedding is still full steam ahead, thank goodness. Alex comes in with flowers and Emma immediately knows they’re from Annie. He wonders why she doesn’t think they’re from him, and she scoffs, Duh, you can’t give a girl flowers. She tells him to practice. On her. So he kind of sweetly hands them to her but she laughs. Womp-wommmp. So, Alex, how are things over there in the Friend Zone? Sigh. He asks who is her next victim, er, client. She says “snarky Knightley” is right: She does need a new client. Enter Harriet, who’s mortified because the dry cleaners ruined one of Emma’s outfits (bummer, really, because her clothes are adorbs.) And you can see the light bulb go off as Emma realizes she’s got a new client.

Episode 10 (Wind in the Sails): Emma tells a skeptical Knightley to think of Harriet as Emma’s pro bono work — you know, charity. Nice, Emma. *eyeroll* During one of their chats, Harriet tells Emma she’s bad at looking people in the eye. Like … Martin, the IT guy. Emma doesn’t even know they have an IT guy. Harriet says he’s smart and interesting and plays poker and … someone clearly has a crush. By the end of Harriet’s gushing, Emma’s got on her “There’s trouble in River City” face: Harriet can do better!


What do you think of Emma’s scheme with the letter and gift for Annie? I can understand her hounding Frank until he gave in, but to send Annie a gift and pretend it’s from him? Or asking Alex to falsify financial reports just to get Frank to come to California? Book Emma isn’t above subterfuge but this WebEmma seems to go too far, even if it’s all’s well that ends well. Badly done, Emma. Oh wait I might be getting ahead of myself there. …

Next week: Eps 11-13 plus … Bobby Martin.


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