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Introducing our new initiative for teachers: JASP+

Furthering our mission to help teachers bring Jane Austen into the classroom, the Jane Austen Summer Program is proud to announce the creation of JASP+, a new initiative in partnership with the National Humanities Center (NHC). Open to middle and high school teachers, JASP+ will coincide with JASP's virtual program in June.

In JASP+, cohorts will select a topic of interest during JASP and collaborate on a project using online tools to teach students about Austen and her works. The project will be featured on our JASP+ website as well as the NHC’s Humanities in Class Digital Library, which is a pedagogy-focused resource built from the work of many museums, libraries, and arts organizations around the country.

“JASP+ is an opportunity to meet and work with fellow teachers on a project utilizing digital-friendly tools that could be deployed in any number of humanities contexts,” says organizer Sarah Walton.

JASP+ costs $25 and is open only to middle and high school teachers who are already registered for JASP. Space is limited. CEU credits are to be determined. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.


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