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JASP 2022 Merch and Links You Might Have Missed

Hello, hello! Here are your Thursday updates and links:

Now open: JASP's Zazzle shop

This year we are offering merch featuring our 2022 logo (and 2021's!) on our online Zazzle store. Shop for shirts and mugs -- anytime you want! -- and you can show off your JASP team spirit in June.

Survey raffle winner

Earlier this week we sent an email to newsletter subscribers asking for feedback on a new interactive educational website JASP is building. Thanks to all who completed the survey and entered our raffle. We have notified the winner.

On the blog ...

We had a great chat with Lesley Peterson and Sarah Rose Kearns about their plans for leading our creative writing workshops, and we talked about toques with sewing workshop leader Hope Greenberg. [SIGN UP FOR WORKSHOPS HERE] Plus: We took you on a quick tour of the parts of a theater, celebrated Shakespeare's birthday and read up on books that feature crossover Austen (or Shakespeare) characters.

Links of interest

She reread Austen, and at almost 90, she's never been happier.

"Fire Island" is an LGBTQ take on Austen.

How 'bout that "Sanditon" season 2 finale, eh? Salon breaks it down.

The next Regency drama on your to-watch list? "Mr. Malcolm's List."

This version of "Hamlet" stars a woman in the title role.


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