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More about JASP+, our new teacher initiative

Time is running out to sign up for JASP+, our teacher initiative in partnership with the National Humanities Center. We talked with organizer Sarah Walton to learn more about this new program, which will run concurrently with JASP.

What is JASP+?

JASP+ is an opportunity for teachers to extend their JASP experience into developing concrete methods or skills via new or lesser-known pedagogical tools.

What does it entail exactly?

The program asks teachers to work with each other in small groups based on shared thematic or subject interests to create a group project to be used as a model in the classroom or as a lesson plan in and of itself. An instructional session about this year's tool -- Timeline.js -- will be followed by several workshop sessions. The program will culminate in a Sunday presentation from the teacher groups.

Will JASP+ participants still be able to participate in JASP programming while attending JASP+?

Yes. The main JASP programming is where JASP+ participants will gather the content important to their group projects. It's key that the JASP+ crew participate in as much JASP as they can!

What kind of project will JASP+ participants work on?

Here is an example of a Timeline.js project:

Learn more about Timeline.js here.

What happens to JASP+ projects when they're complete? Can other teachers use them?

JASP+ final products will be published on the JASP+ website and on the National Humanities Center's "Humanities in Class Digital Library." This last is designed to reach as many teachers as possible and offers lots of flexibility for adapting teaching tools and lesson plans to specific grade levels and subjects.

Will JASP+ participants earn CEU credits?

Teachers will earn CEU credits for JASP+ (exact amount to be determined).

What is the deadline for registering?

The deadline for registering for JASP+, which is open to middle and high school teachers who are already registered for JASP, is May 15. The cost is $25. Click here to register.


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