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Summer scholars presentation series, part II

As any Janeite knows, the study of Jane Austen and her work is never truly over. With the help of our UNC undergraduates enrolled in ENGL 235: Studies in Jane Austen, led by Dr. Inger Brodey, we’ve prepared a series of presentations on topics ranging from courtship to carriages to help you continue exploring Jane Austen’s world!

The second of four posts in our Summer Scholars Presentation Series, this installment features two presentations on Dress and Ornament (respectively) in Jane Austen’s novels and time, with additional Q&A from Graduate Research Consultant Anne Fertig.


Permeated with symbols of status, wealth, and character, clothing was just as laden with meaning for Austen as it is today. Join UNC undergraduate Jacynta Smith as she investigates the nuances of attire and class in Austen’s novels.


Marilyn Monroe says diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but were they Austen’s? Find out more about jewelry and ornament with UNC undergraduate Ellen Hu!


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