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The crafty Janeite: A roundup of DIY projects

The Jane Austen Summer Program will be here before you know it (I know — we’re excited too!), so if you’re at all crafty — or just want to try your hand at it — here are a few links for DIY projects to get you in the mood, or to show off in June.

Just a few spaces left in a spencer-making workshop at Old Salem in April. Click here for our post on it!

via Darling and Dash

What’s under that bonnet? Duct tape and a Cheerios box, you say? If you’ve got a cereal box, some duct tape and fabric (and okay, maybe a McCall’s pattern), you can check out this tutorial on making a budget bonnet.

Book it: The So Jane” craft book has tons of ideas, including pillows, paper chandeliers and food.

Wear it: If you’re looking to sew your own dress, this Regency pattern could be The One. And don’t worry, procrastinators, there’s a tutorial for you.

via Bird’s Party

Upcycling: Your well-loved book is falling apart. It might hurt to do it, but you could turn the pages into something else like ….

A candle holder.

Greeting cards.



Then you can spread the love to others.

For experienced knitters: The Jane Austen Knits magazines have some fabulous patterns for shawls, socks, cardigans and more.

via Interweave

If you’ve never made a shawl before, the ball is a perfect motivation to try your hand at it! Click here for a tutorial on a beginner’s lace shawl. And these won’t be practical for June, but I really want these mittens right now.

Put on your dancing shoes: Want to decorate your shoes in a manner Emma would approve of? Here’s how.

Turban it up: Here’s a video of how to tie a turban.

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