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Thursday Links Roundup

Hello, JASPers! Hope your day is going swimmingly. Here are your weekly links of Austen and Shakespeare interest:

2021 JASP speaker -- and now board member -- Robert Morrison asks: Just How Much is Jane Austen a Precursor to Bridgerton?

An Austen mom made this list of top 10 single mothers in fiction.

This production of "Henry VI, Parts 2 and 3," has a cast of 120!

Shakespeare told us to "beware the Ides of March." But what is the Ides of March exactly? Let's find out.

The New York Times' spring arts preview looks at upcoming Shakespeare productions coming to the stage, including Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga in "Macbeth," opening on Broadway on April 28.

ICYMI on the blog: Hope Greenberg gave us the lowdown on the history of toques. She is leading our toque workshops in June, so sign up for one of two sessions today -- and perhaps you can sport your new hat at our Regency murder mystery! Space is limited and advance registration (and additional fee) is required. Sign up here. ... In addition, we detailed the three period adaptations of "Mansfield Park": 1983, 1999 and 2007. Which was your favorite?

But wait! A few JASP reminders:

Register for JASP! June will be here before you know it. How are you spending it? With us? We have sold out in years past, so don't miss our return to Carrboro, N.C. Register today!

Looking for a roommate? Use our self-service Google form, which will give you access to a list of others looking for a JASP roomie.

Teachers: Time is running out to apply for teacher scholarships. The deadline is 11:59 p.m. MONDAY, March 21. Get your application in soon! Scholarships are open to ALL middle and high school teachers.


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