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Weekend Whimsy: the Conclusion

Dear Reader, please note that you may need to silently emend some of your responses to preserve the syntax (or not; whichever is funnier!)


The Adventures of Mr. Harley*

Mr. Harley was one of [number] [plural noun]. Destined by his [relative] for the [profession] & by his [relative] for the [job], desirous of pleasing both, he prevailed on Sir John to obtain obtain for him a [job] on board a [vehicle]. He accordingly [verb] his [body part] & [verb].

In half a [unit of time] he [past tense verb] & sat-off in the [vehicle] for [place], the seat of Emma. His fellow travelers were, a [person] without a [article of clothing], another with two, an old [person] & a young [wife].

This last appeared about [number] with fine dark [body part] & an [adjective] shape; in short Mr. Harley soon found out, that she was his Emma & recollected he had [verb] her a few weeks before he [verb] [country].


*You will find Austen’s version on page 33 of the Oxford World’s Classics edition.


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