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Tips for teaching Jane Austen online

Amid the hustle and bustle of this semester, it might seem like there is an endless array of virtual to-dos on one’s radar. Between learning to work Zoom and Microsoft Teams like a pro, becoming familiar with Google Classroom, or searching for virtual Austen content, it’s a struggle just to make time for Emma GIFs! However, for educators and Austen enthusiasts alike, we hope to take an item or two off your list with a treasure trove of Austen lessons: JASP+.

Created with an eye toward the needs of educators teaching Austen -- but also for individual research and enjoyment -- JASP+ is a collection of “context corners” from previous Jane Austen Summer Programs. These context corners are bite-size lessons on very specific aspects of Austen’s works and Regency life, such as the concept of the sublime and the aesthetics of pugs! Presented primarily by UNC graduate students and faculty, they can serve as a primer for classroom discussions and papers, or simply to satisfy one’s own curiosity on a subject.

In addition to the recorded context corners, the JASP+ site also hosts virtual worksheets with discussion questions and secondary sources to further student engagement. While these would be immensely useful in the classroom, their use is by no means limited to students; the worksheets can also be a wonderful departure point for individual research and reading.

For those searching for further digital education resources, the National Humanities Center’s new “Humanities in Class Digital Library” (HiCDL) might be just the thing! Simply create an account, and you’ll be all set.

In the meantime, best of luck with your virtual adventures, and stay tuned for more Austen-themed fun!


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