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Will 2023 bring your 15 minutes of fame?

For the last several years, the Austen and Her Afterlives Panel has faced the challenge of the Sunday morning time slot, confronted with post-ball sleepiness. And every year, the panelists have risen to that challenge. We're confident that this year will be no exception, and YOU might be part of that success!

The 2023 Afterlives panel will focus on Austen's juvenilia and take a broad view of "adaptation". Presenters might focus on the ways Austen’s juvenilia has been presented in film, whether a full-scale adaptation like Love and Friendship (which we all recognize as Lady Susan), a meditation on Austen’s significance as a writer as in Jane Austen in Manhattan, or as interpolated snippets, as in Patricia Rozema’s Mansfield Park.

Presenters might also focus on the ways in which Austen has been adapted for young audiences, from the many (many!) YA treatments of her novels, to the teenage confection of Clueless.

Adaptations aimed at the younger audience of Wishbone, or the still younger audience of picture books and board books also invite exploration.

And of course, presenters might also consider Austen herself as an adapter of novelistic conventions, or indeed of her own juvenile writing, as she recycles names and plot points.

Presentations are limited to fifteen minutes so that we have plenty of time for discussion. Visual elements are highly encouraged! If you have questions, please feel free to address them to Heather King, at


Whether you want to be at the front of the room or in the audience, don't forget to register!


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