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8 times Wentworth and Anne made us hold our breaths

Who doesn’t wait with bated breath whenever Anne and Wentworth meet? Here are the top moments:

When they first meet again after all those years


They broke it off seven years ago and haven’t seen each other since. You can feel Anne’s apprehension and heartbreak, and you wonder, as she does, what he’s thinking in this moment.

When Wentworth helps her into the carriage after the group walk


At the end of the Musgroves’ long walk with Wentworth and Anne, the group comes across Admiral and Mrs. Croft on their drive. When they offer a spot to one of the ladies on the walk, Wentworth is quick to hand Anne into the carriage. Anne is overcome knowing he cared enough to let her rest.

When she meets his friends in Lyme


Who isn’t nervous when they meet their significant other’s friends? The fact that she likes them, and the feeling is clearly returned, is such a hopeful sign, you wish Wentworth would notice it, too.

When he notices Mr. Elliot checking out Anne on the Cobb


Sometimes, competition prompts a guy to notice a girl. While you’re cheering on Anne for being in good looks, you’re also rooting for Wentworth to get back in the game.

When he drives Anne and Henrietta home


At this moment, things seem dire. Louisa is seriously injured, and Anne and Frederick go back to Uppercross to inform Louisa’s parents. Wentworth is wracked with guilt. But that moment when he looks to her for advice on how best to deal with the Musgroves makes you wonder if he realizes he’s slowly warming to Anne.

When the run into each other at the tea shop in Bath


In this scene, Anne has the upper hand: She spots him before he sees her and is better prepared for their meeting. For once he is the one caught unawares. Too bad Mr. Elliot comes to escort her home, ruining the moment.

When he leaves the concert


They chatted before the concert and she hoped to sit with him — until Mr. Elliot foils her plans. Frustrated, Wentworth leaves before the concert is over, telling Anne “there is nothing worth my staying for,” breaking all of our hearts.

When he gives her the letter


Do I need to explain?


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