Join us at JASP

JASP is a four-day symposium exploring Jane Austen through lectures, workshops, small-group discussions and a Regency ball. Each year we focus on one of Jane Austen’s works. Past programs have centered on “Pride and Prejudice” (2013 & 2019), “Sense and Sensibility” (2014), “Emma” (2015), “Mansfield Park” (2016), “Persuasion” (2017), and “Northanger Abbey” and Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” (2018). Our 2020 program has been rescheduled to 2021, due to the pandemic. The 2021 JASP will be presented online in a virtual format and will center on “Jane Austen’s World.” We will be reading Austen’s letters and Claire Tomalin’s biography “Jane Austen: A Life.” 



Who can go to JASP?

JASP is open to anyone. Our programs have attracted scholars and non-scholars alike from all walks of life and any age; we have had participants as young as 11.

How much is JASP?

Registration will reopen later in 2021. Please stay tuned for details.

What does JASP offer?

JASP includes plenaries and panels with academics, plus short lectures — called “context corners” — that shed light on the historical aspects of Austen’s works. In addition, we offer small-group discussions on Austen’s works and themes, exhibits, theatricals, hands-on workshops, dance lessons and a Regency ball. Check out what past attendees have said!

When & where is the next JASP?

The next JASP will be June 17-20, 2021. It will be offered as a virtual symposium online. Learn more about next year's program >

In 2021, JASP will be offered online. What does that entail?

In 2021, the Jane Austen Summer Program will be presented online. “We are committed to retaining as much of the intimate, innovative, hands-on nature of JASP as we can, even in this remote format,” says JASP co-founder Inger Brodey. “Participants will have the option to receive a packet of materials and special treats by mail to participate in hands-on workshops, elevenses, discussion groups, and other events. And we will keep discussion groups to the same small, intimate size that our participants have come to expect. We will try to keep the special JASP community alive during this time that we are apart.” You can find more details here.