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At JASP, You Can Solve a Mystery, in Regency Style

We’ve got some important information on this summer's dognapping mystery and costume rentals you won't want to miss.

If you attended JASP virtually last year, you may remember our interactive mystery. Attendees moved from room to room to solve a murder at Highbury by deciphering riddles and puzzles using clues found in each spot. This year we're bringing the fun to life at our in-person Regency Mystery, where Lady Bertram’s beloved pug from "Mansfield Park" has been dognapped -- right in the middle of rehearsals for the family’s production of "All’s Well That Ends Well."

In this social mystery game, guests will hunt for clues at the Ackland Art Museum with a cast of colorful characters from "Mansfield Park." The goal is to discover the motive and culprit to reunite the pug with his family. And there is no need to have read Austen or Shakespeare to solve the puzzles.

Your registration includes admission for you to attend the mystery night, but you may bring guests to the event! PURCHASE GUEST TICKETS HERE

Never been to the Ackland Art Museum? Opened in 1958, it is located in Chapel Hill, N.C. It boasts over 20,000 works and presents about 10 to 12 changing exhibitions each year. These shows feature a wide range of art, from contemporary American photography to European master paintings and video installations to early modern portraits.

Want to dress up?

Costumes are not required for any event at JASP, but you are welcome to come to the mystery night dressed in your Regency finest. Costumes are available to rent and include a wide variety of Regency-style dresses and some menswear. All rented costumes must be signed in at the hotel and returned by the end of the weekend. There is a $10 cleaning cost, plus a suggested donation of $25. (If you would prefer to avoid cleaning costs, you may return them cleaned. Almost anything can be hand-washed.) Teacher scholarship winners and members of the theatricals cast can rent a costume for free, but we do request that you return them clean. Each person renting a costume must return it in good condition, otherwise a fee of $50 will be required.


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