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Austen-inspired Young Authors

Since the focus of JASP 2023 is on Austen's Teenage Writings, it seemed only appropriate to foster some teenage writers in the process! This spring JASP held a writing contest to encourage young creatives to get in the spirit of Jane Austen’s teenage writings. They were challenged to write a "recognition scene" based on Lesley Peterson's workshop for JASP (see below for a link to the video). Judges Lesley Peterson, Maria Grace, and Sayantani DasGupta weighed each entry based on five categories: 1) relevance to Austen’s teenage writings, 2) the effectiveness of the scene, 3) overall coherence, 4) detail and word choice, and 5) originality. Congratulations to our prize-winners!

First Place

Chloe Summerour

Titled “Rekindlement,” this humorous, lively and elegantly formatted scene follows Elaine Asturias and her family through a lively night in a dance hall. The detail and tone are reminiscent of Austen’s young writings.

Second Place

Ceci Matatics

With beautiful detail, this scene follows the beloved couple, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, the year after they are married. An oddly familiar stranger appears at their estate for dinner...

Third Place

Supattra Namnon

This extremely touching and warm scene shows the powers of recognition in bringing back a piece of something lost, even temporarily.

These descriptions have doubtless whet your appetite to hear more about these stories - you'll be able to read them for yourself in Murphey Hall next week.

Thanks to Our Celebrity Judges!

From left to right, Lesley Peterson, Maria Grace and Sayantani DasGupta. You'll have a chance to hear from each of them at JASP 2023!

Want to write your own recognition scene?

Lesley Peterson's workshop on the hilarity of the "recognition scene" trope is available on youtube:

Note from the editor:

Please join us for the ISLJ Lunch Roundtable on Friday from 11:30pm-12:30pm in the Parklands room at Murphey. Feel free to bring your own lunch or pick up lunch from one of our many on-campus options. You may also elect to order one of these options from Panera. By placing a lunch order through us, you will be able to pick up your lunch at the main registration table at Murphey Hall right before the roundtable.


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