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Congratulations, 2023 Teacher-Scholars!

A central part of JASP's educational mission is supporting teachers through programming and resources. Each year, we also offer full and partial scholarships to enable middle- and high-school teachers to attend our summer event. We're delighted to announce this year's cohort of Teacher-Scholars!


Claire Benesch

Hometown: Concord, NC

School: West Cabarrus High School

Role: English, Grades 9-12

Austen insight: "Austen is a tool for building empathy and understanding. . . . My students have friends like Charlotte Lucus, they have siblings like Mary Elliot, and we all have been forced to confront our internal biases at one point or another."


Ashley Honaker

Hometown: High Point, NC

School: North Carolina Cyber Academy

Role: 10th Grade English

Juvenilia: "When I was in 6th grade, I was writing a novel called Diana's Flight (very much unfinished!)"


Liberty Sites

Hometown: Crestview, FL

School: Shoal River Middle School

Role: 6th Grade History

Austen-mania: "We had a “Way Back Wednesday” during Spirit Week that was intended to be a decades day… But since they said “Way Back” I showed up in a completely hand-sewn Regency day ensemble. Most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn to teach in! Only rivaled by the Roman garb I'll be wearing to school when we complete our unit on Rome."


Annette Williams

Hometown: Orlando, FL

School: Westridge Middle School

Role: Middle School Social Studies

Juvenilia: "'Zul Ariam,' a short story about one of my grandmother's many escapades as a child in Peru!"


Colleen Lee

Hometown: Midlothian, VA

School: Swift Creek Middle School

Role: Head Librarian

Juvenilia: "'What Would I Do to Revitalize My Neighborhood?' - Chamber of Commerce Essay Contest, 3rd place, and a diary entry, 'Top Ten List of Eligible Bachelors at My High School' " (editor's note: very Austenesque!)


Adrian Demopulos

Hometown: Dallas, TX

School: Franklin D. Roosevelt High School of Innovation

Role: American and British Literature

Austen and access: "I have seen so many of my seniors blossom as readers and find joy in literature through Austen. I know firsthand that students of all backgrounds can and do relate to Austen’s work, and teaching in this context has made me appreciate her craft in a new light."


Lena Yasutake

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

School: Bridgeport International Academy

Role: High School History, Dance, Drama, and Literature

Applying Austen: "Austen’s Juvenilia is a wonderful window into her development as a writer. We see her wit, perspective on human nature, and her ability to illustrate it for the reader. Even at an early age Austen displayed a wonderful talent for creating characters we recognize."


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