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Emma Approved, Episodes 19-22: In which Emma misses All. The. Signs.

Previously on “Emma Approved” … James entered the picture.

Oh, Emma. Wrong move.

Episode 19 (The Proof Is in the Yogurt): Emma finally lets Harriet in on her grand plan: Harriet + James. Emma is all, “Ooooh, James, like, likes likes you, Harriet!” Harriet, like everyone else watching, is skeptical. James arrives, bearing gifts: Icelandic yogurt for Harriet, and … flowers for Emma. And this is Emma missing All. The. Signals. Emma says she’s trying to get “Book of Mormon” tickets for Harriet for Christmas but isn’t having any luck, so James says he’ll use his connections to get ’em for Harriet (and by Harriet he means EMMA). Meanwhile, Emma makes him list the qualities in his perfect woman, and he says she doesn’t need to do that to figure it out. All. The. Signals, Emma. She tells Harriet: “Anyone can give a girl flowers. But You. YOU got Icelandic Yogurt.” Jeez, what flavor does she think it is? True Love? Poor Harriet goes to save the yogurt label.

Episode 20 (For a Very Special Lady): Emma is reading James’s list of a perfect woman: It includes “entrepreneurial” and “vivacious.” Well, if that’s not Emma, I dunno who is. But Emma of course is still confident her plan is working. What world is she living in? Emma in the book can get away with being this dimwitted, maybe, due to propriety, but in this day and age, I’m not so sure. I can’t believe a girl like Emma wouldn’t know this guy is into her. No. But I digress. Alex wants Emma to let Harriet figure stuff out on her own. Emma: “She doesn’t need to figure stuff out; she has me!” Alex says Harriet is adorable and sweet and warns Emma that James has an agenda and it doesn’t include someone like Harriet. Alex is frustrated and disappointed in Emma and her refusal to see the truth. Me, too, Alex. He passes along a note from James: “Book of Mormon” tickets … “for a very special lady.” Harriet is over the moon.

Q&A (Harriet and Alex): Not much happens in this Q&A between Harriet (the asker) and Alex (the answerer). Generally it serves to reference the as-yet-unseen Maddy Bates and Alex’s brother, John, and to show that Alex is really sweet to Harriet and an all-around good guy. I didn’t need a video for that. Oh! But also Alex tells a viewer that office romances don’t end well.

Episode 21 (Fine Tuning): In the bonus video (Harriet Sings Picture Perfect), Harriet sings a thank-you song for James that Emma wrote. So in this update, Emma’s not an so-so artist but a so-so musician. Eeesh. Emma says soon Harriet will be looking for an apartment in Sacramento to be with James, who arrives to hear the song. It includes the line: “picture you with me,” and James says he thinks he knows what that means. Alex points out Emma’s bad rhyme and James defends her. Emma and James get down to business finding him a woman, though James says there’s no need–  he’s found someone. Wonder who it is….

Episode 22 (Planning Perfection): Alex nags Emma about planning the office holiday party; it’s in two days. Emma says it’s under control, which means she’s strong-armed Annie into catering. Harriet comes in all sneezy. Emma says,uh, NO you are not getting sick, because ELTON is coming to the PARTY. Next, fresh from her honeymoon Annie comes to call Emma out for her little wedding-gift switcheroo. Emma gives her a non-apology apology. You’d think Annie would be really angry at Emma. She was thisclose to canceling it and now she’s locked in a marriage. What if she really didn’t want to marry Ryan? What if her hesitation had been warranted? Emma gambled big-time on that. Anyhow, they’re both over it. Emma hints that Elton’s match will be revealed at the party. I think we all know what’s gonna go down.


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