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Emma Approved, Episodes 48-52: Oh, hi, Jane Fairfax

Previously on “Emma Approved” … Emma vs. the future Mrs. Elton

Jane doesn’t look all that happy with Emma. But then does she ever?

Episode 48 (Doppelgangers): Emma is so happy they survived the engagement party. Surprisingly Harriet had a fab time at the party and she is for sure not in love with James anymore. WHEW. I don’t believe she ever was (not in the book, either). Caroline is back, though, to thank Emma for a fab party — but the wedding will be even more amazing hint hint. Emma says nothing. Because she is smart. Emma flat out asks why Caroline hired her. I LOVE when Emma calls a spade a spade. Caroline is nonplussed, saying James wanted to. She hands Emma a check, they begrudgingly shake hands, and when Caroline says wishes Emma success in the future, Emma says: No, you don’t. Emma feels all dirty for taking their money: “Is this what we do? Plan events for AWFUL people?!” Emma is disappointed with herself and the business — for not making people’s lives better. But then she gets an idea: Emma Approved — making the world better. Oh dear. A shift in the company’s mission. Alex suggests expanding the team to help with their new social justice aim. Emma catches his drift. And by drift I mean Jane Fairfax.

QA 4+5 with Harriet and Frank: The takeaway: She regrets turning Bobby down; Frank’s his usual flirtatious cad self.

Episode 49 (The New Girl): And heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Jane Fairfax! Practically perfect in every way. Except she misses her cue to enter Em’s office. Jane’s reluctant to be on camera. She asks what their next fundraiser is because of course Jane’s got partners all lined up. Alex emphasizes to Emma the need to be nice and to welcome Jane. And Emma’s got a gift for Jane: a camera for her office. Jane: That’s very Big Sister, Emma. And Emma says: Well, THANK YOU! Okay, this Jane is a little bit of a stick in the mud. Then again, I’m not the biggest fan of original-recipe Jane Fairfax either, for the same reason.

Frank, who can’t say anything nice about Jane…

Episode 50 (The Bachelor): Emma’s dressed up which means one thing: Frank is coming in for a meeting. Usually I love Emma’s outfits but she’s wearing something like a blazer/cape hybrid that’s … interesting. Only she could pull it off. Frank says he heard Emma brought on new help but the new girl is no Emma Woodhouse. Even Emma defends Jane. Frank says Jane and Alex — number crunchers — must have a lot in common: no imaginations. Frank says maybe Jane has self-esteem issues since she’s not comfortable on camera. Way to be a gentleman, Frank. He suggests Emma Approved do a fundraiser for human rights. Emma: “Oooh! Everyone LOVES humans!” She is thinking something light and lively for the event and Frank suggests — get this — a bachelor auction. For a human rights benefit. Lovely. Emma, though, is all for it. Harriet points out that “selling people” is a little controversial, given the cause. But Frank says he’s glad to be auctioned off. He hopes everyone in the office will participate; maybe someone will even throw Jane a bid or two. Frank is giving James a run for his money in the jerkface department.

Episode 51 (Project Runway): Emma’s checking out Alex, noting he’s a handsome man. You are not wrong, Emma. But, no, she’s not (intentionally) flirting; she’s sweet talking him into the bachelor auction. The photographer’s here to take pictures for the auction catalogue! Predictably, Alex isn’t into it. Then Emma tries to get Jane in front of the camera. Also predictably, Jane isn’t into it either. She’s busy on her beat-up dinosaur of a laptop. Emma eventually wears Jane down. Now it’s just down to Frank. Alex is all handsome x 1000 in a black and gray suit. But Frank has bailed: He’s got an appointment with his hairstylist. Alex is all fussy because Frank gets a free pass from being photographed because of something so trivial as a haircut.

Episode 52 (True Detective): Emma complains that Jane’s all tight-lipped about her personal life. But an anonymous package for Jane has Emma intrigued. Oooooooh. Emma can’t wait for Jane to get in so Emma can get to the interrogatin’. Alex says maybe Jane just likes her privacy. And what was inside the package? Looks like someone’s got a shiny new piano laptop. Jane says it arrived without a note. Emma starts guessing who it’s from but of course Jane’s non-committal. Also there are lovely fresh flowers — a “romantic gift,” Emma hints. Jane is again non-committal. But by god, Emma will find out Jane’s big secret.


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