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Get the Jump on JASP!

Jane Austen Summer Program is getting closer every day! Are you ready? Let's review the Three R's and find out:


The most important step! We still have spots, but time is fleeting. Take advantage of the discounted registration for first time attendees (returning folks, here's how you get your friend on the fence to come for the first time!). Use the discount code FIRSTJASP2023 at checkout (only valid until April 22, so take advantage today!)

Teachers, don't forget that current middle- and high-school teachers get a discounted rate (and we're accepting scholarship applications until April 22nd). Students K-12 also get a discount.


This year we are reading Jane Austen's juvenilia collected in Teenage Writings and the early novella Lady Susan. The small group discussions at the heart of JASP are instrumental in forming a warm intellectual community, so it helps if we are all on the same page - literally. You can order the official edition through Jane Austen Books.

While you're there, browse through their other curated offerings just for JASP. From critical texts to further your study to the adaptations published by our speakers, Jane Austen Books has you covered for all of you JASP needs. Use the code JASP23pickup at check out and your books will be waiting for you in Chapel Hill.


We have a new accommodations option this year designed to help keep you within budget (or enable you to spend more money on books. You decide). You can have a more immersive JASP experience by staying on UNC-Chapel Hill's venerable campus. With buildings from the 1790s, you really do get a chance to step back in time.

But the dorm - built in 1940 - has modern comforts! JASPers have the choice of single or double occupancy. Rooms have beds, desks, dressers, and closet space:

There are shared bathrooms on each floor, so if you need someone to help get your hair up for the Regency Ball, you're in luck!

In addition to being an affordable option, the dorm is also an incredibly convenient one! Just a short walk across campus from Winston Hall to Murphey Hall, where most JASP events will be held, and right next to the location of the Regency Ball!

Can't wait to see you there!


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