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Happy birthday, Jane Austen!


Happy birthday, Jane Austen! Two hundred forty-one years ago, our favorite author was born. How will you celebrate today? We have a few ideas below — but let us know yours in the comments!

  1. Raise a glass of wine — or a cupcake — in her honor. Jane would’ve been into the both.

  2. Read your favorite book or scene  — or watch your favorite adaptation. Does Lizzy’s visit to Pemberley hit home? Does Wentworth’s letter make you swoon? Settle in with a cup of tea and experience your favorite parts all over again.

  3. Spread the love. Maybe leave your extra copy of “P&P” in a coffee shop or a park bench. Or give a book to a friend — perhaps through our Amazon link, so you’ll be spreading to love to us, too.

  4. Revive the lost art of letter-writing. Put down your phone and pick up a pen to write a sibling or friend a long, witty letter just as Jane would.

  5. Try something new. Watch a web series such as “The Cate Morland Chronicles” (an update of “Northanger Abbey”) or read an Austen biography you’ve never read. Or peruse her letters. There are always new aspects of her life and her works to discover.

  6. Register for our program. What are you waiting for?! We want to see you in June!

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