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Mary Shelley is having her 21st-century moment


Thanks to the 200th anniversary of “Frankenstein,” Mary Shelley is seemingly everywhere these days. This is just a sampling:


Elle Fanning is playing the novelist in the biopic “Mary Shelley.” See the trailer here.

The film is out May 25 in select theaters and Video On Demand on June 1. Early reviews haven’t exactly been warm, but let us know what you think if you see it!


After she hits the big screen, she’ll be front and center on television as the subject of season 3 of National Geographic’s historical drama series “Genius.” Past seasons of the anthology show have centered on Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso.


Shelley is the subject of an audio program on “Frankenstein’s” longevity on radio station WUNC.



One writer looks at Mary Shelley’s life and her creation of Frankenstein through verse and illustrations.

Another examines the science of “Frankenstein.”


If you’re near the Triangle, you can check out the exhibit “Reconstructing Frankenstein’s Monster: Mary Shelley’s World in Print” now at Wilson Library on UNC’s campus. Curated by Professor Jeanne Moskal’s students, the exhibit will be on display through Aug. 26 — so JASP attendees can see it next month. (We’ll have more on this exhibit and one on “Northanger Abbey” in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!)


The Frankenreads website is a clearinghouse for events across the country celebrating “Frankenstein’s” anniversary. Check if there are celebrations in your area.


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