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Talk about hands-on learning: Whist and reticule workshops

What better way to learn about the Georgian era than with some hands-on learning? This year we’re adding even more to our program with two workshops aimed to give you insight into Austen’s era.


whist tables of men and women with counters

Ah, whist — that card game you often read about in Jane Austen’s novels but have no idea what it is.

But now’s your chance to learn: Frans Verbunt will hold a tutorial on the game, which was a precursor to bridge and was played by all social classes in the Georgian era.  The game could be quite social, with spectators watching the action. In the game, two players partner up against another pair, with partners sitting across from each other. In our sessions, play might take 20 to 30 minutes with instructions. Whist can be played with any 52-card deck, modern or dating from the 18th century, so you’ll be able to take your newfound knowledge home with you and teach your friends.

The whist tutorial with Frans Verbunt is Friday from 10:45 to noon. The session is free to registrants, but registration is required. Sign up today!



Look at those cute little purses, you think when you see Georgian prints and Jane Austen movies. I wish I had one of those. There’s no time like the present to make one yourself. Ruth Verbunt will lead a workshop in which you’ll create your own reticule in about an hour. Yes, really! We have a wide variety of modern and Regency-inspired fabrics to choose from with kits by Kathy Chopra. And for those of you thinking you’re all thumbs when it comes to sewing: Don’t worry! The only sewing you’ll do here is a very simple stitch that’s easy to learn, and Ruth is planning to bring a sewing machine if you don’t want to hand-stitch. All materials will be available, so you don’t have to bring anything with you. Just think: When someone compliments on your reticule, you can say, “Thank you — I made it!”

The reticule workshop with Ruth Verbunt is Friday from 10:45 to noon. The session is $25 and includes all materials; registration is required so sign up soon.


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