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Teachers: Have YOU applied for our scholarships yet?

This blog post goes out to all those teachers out there who haven’t applied for one of our scholarships yet. What are you waiting for?!

The program offers 30 contact hours for 3 CEU credits. K-12 teachers receive a discounted tuition of $275 per person (regular tuition is $495 per person). The tuition covers all seminars, panels, lectures, and small group discussions, a tote bag, dance lessons, a rare book tour at UNC’s Wilson Library, one ticket to the Regency theatricals, and one ticket to the Regency Masquerade Ball, as well as a daily warm buffet breakfast, elevenses, a welcome banquet, and light refreshments at the Ball.

Are you a teacher outside North Carolina? We’ve got news for you: This year two additional scholarships — made possible by a generous donation from Oxford University Press — are available to current middle school or high school teachers from any U.S. state. Scholarships cover the full tuition fee; free housing at the home of a local attendee will also be provided for scholarship winners, subject to availability.

The deadline for scholarship applications is March 12 –*cough* just a few short days from now *cough* — and the winners will be announced by April 16.

Want more details? Click here.

To apply, click here.


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