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Watch now: Jane Austen & Co. discuss food, family and identity with Sonali Dev & Soniah Kamal

On June 4, Jane Austen & Company, an initiative of the Jane Austen Summer Program, presented a live online discussion with authors Sonali Dev (author of “Pride, Prejudice and Other Flavors” and the recently released “Recipe for Persuasion“) and Soniah Kamal (author of “Unmarriageable“) about their novels, Jane Austen, and the role of food and family in Austen’s work and adaptations. If you missed the conversation, check out the video below. (Can’t see the video below? CLICK HERE.)

[Read more about Dev here. Read more about Kamal here.]


Jane Austen & Company aims to bring engaging and informative humanities programming to residents in North Carolina’s Triangle region. At this time, the organization is presenting a “Staying Home With Austen” series of programs. Upcoming events include:

— “Eating With Jane Austen”: Food historian and blogger KC Hysmith on food and cooking in the works of Jane Austen. June 30.

— “Dressing With Jane Austen”: Fashion and textile historian Hilary Davidson (author of “Dress in the Age of Jane Austen”) on clothing and dressing in the homes of Jane Austen’s England. July 9

— “Crafting With Jane Austen”: Professor Jennie Batchelor (University of Kent), co-author of “Jane Austen Embroidery,” on home crafts and needlework in the Regency period. July 23.


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