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Welcome to the Jane Eyre Vlog Series!

Hello, dear readers! In continuation of JASP’s Austen-Brontë summer series, yours truly will be collaborating with Jane Austen & Company’s Technical Director Na’dayah Pugh to walk you through Charlotte Brontë’s seminal novel Jane Eyre. However, rather than tackling this Gothic masterpiece with the written word, we’ve decided to do something different—that’s right, we’re starting a vlog!

The Jane Eyre vlog series will essentially function as a virtual “book club,” featuring weekly episodes in which Na’dayah and I discuss our thoughts and feelings as we progress through the novel. In an interesting twist, while I have read Jane Eyre once before, Na’dayah has not. We encourage you to read (or reread) the novel alongside us, whether as a seasoned fan or Brontë newcomer, and engage with our videos as much as you like. Do you hate the angsty, brooding Mr. Rochester? Love him? Is Jane a reliable narrator? Was Bertha the real heroine all along? Be sure to let us know in the YouTube comments section and we’ll try to address your comments and questions in future episodes!

For more information on format, content, and schedule, see our introductory video below.

Again, the Jane Eyre vlog schedule with accompanying chapters currently reads as follows:


June 10 – Ch. 1-9

June 17 – Ch. 10-17

June 24 – Ch. 18-23

July 1 – Ch. 24-27

July 8 – Ch. 28-33

July 15 – Ch. 34-38

July 22 – Adaptations & Final Thoughts


Dear readers, stay tuned—and happy viewing!


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