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Who Wrote it Better? An Austen vs. Brontë Valentine's Day

Hello, dear readers! In February, love is the reason for the season, and for devotees of Jane Austen (one of the greatest romance writers of all time), Valentine's Day can be particularly special. Maybe you're going all out for that special someone—a moonlit picnic with a string quartet, chocolate, roses, the works—or maybe you're preparing a quiet Galentine's dinner and movie-night-in with a few close friends. Whatever Valentine's Day has in store for you in 2024, these Austen- and Brontë-inspired cards are guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit. Who do you think wrote the most romantic line? Let us know in the comment section below!


For more Austen-inspired Valentine's Day cards, JASP has you covered! Discover Meredith's 2023 Juvenilia-themed collection or Zeina's swoony 2021 Austen heroes collection here.


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