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Wrapping up 2015


Your bags are unpacked. The silent-auction items you won are put away. Your copy of “Emma” is back on the bookshelf, along with the new books you bought. Yes, the 2015 Jane Austen Summer Program has come and gone. But wait! That doesn’t mean you can’t revisit highlights from last week. You can:View our live tweets from sessions on:

  1. Men’s clothing by Jade Bettin.

  2. Our debate on the ridiculousness and/or greatness of Miss Bates.

  3. Dressing for a ball and makeup by Ruth Verbunt.

  4. Romance in “Emma” by Kathleen Gilles Seidel.

Show us your favorite moments at our Shutterfly site.

Fill out the survey and help us make next year’s program even better! Might as well do it while it’s all fresh in your mind.

Last but not least: Some of our attendees participated in our “matchmaking” dinner last week, grouping people at tables based on a questionnaire, including the query: If you had an Austen theme park, what would you call your main attraction/ride? Here are the answers from respondents (anonymous, of course) …

The George Wickham Tunnel of LoveJohn (2)

And when you’re done with all of that … start reading up on “Mansfield Park” for next year’s program!

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