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Dorm Lodging (6 nights for JASP Plus)

NOTE: Please choose this option ONLY if you have been accepted into the JASP+ teacher program. 


JASP+ attendees:

  • Our dorm is Winston Residence Hall. Bathrooms and showers are shared.

  • Rooms are double- or single-occupancy. Each occupant must complete this form.

  • This dorm option is for 56nights only.

  • Check-in is June 14 (timeframe to be determined).

  • Check-out is June 20 (timeframe to be determined).

  • Double-occupancy rooms are $300 total ($50 per night).
  • Single-occupancy rooms are $594 total ($99 per night). 

  • Co-ed roommates are not allowed per UNC policies.

  • For your comfort, you are highly encouraged to bring your own Twin XL sheets (mattresses are 36 inches x 6 inches x 80 inches), blankets, pillows and towels. If you are flying in for JASP, a limited supply of basic linens and towels are available for rent for $50 (be sure to select "Linen Rental" on the registration page). You must reserve linens and towels by May 15. 

  • Roommates will be assigned, or you may join our private Facebook group to find others in search of roommates. Once a roommate has been chosen, please email by May 15.

  • On-campus parking may be available (location to be determined) by request. PLEASE FILL OUT OUR PARKING PASS REQUEST.

Dorm Lodging (6 nights for JASP Plus)

PriceFrom $300.00
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